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We know from experience that dealing with gas, electricity, telecommunications and water suppliers can be frustrating and time-consuming. Why not let the Ellis Partnership, with its many years of experience deal with these matters on your behalf? Based in Perth, Scotland, EPL is ideally located to provide a comprehensive service to our Scottish clients as well as to businesses and domestic customers throughout the UK.

Our goal is to ensure our clients understand their energy contracts and to ensure that they are on the correct energy tariff for their needs. We advise on the necessary services, appropriate tariffs, essential contracts and the best service providers to meet their particular requirements.

How do we achieve the best value services for our clients? Other cost-reduction consultancies use an artificially high starting point to make ‘savings’, particularly for gas and electricity. These firms can request payment of up to 50% of these ‘savings’ in the first, and possibly second, year. We believe this approach to be misleading and inefficient and certainly not in the best interest of the client.

Our approach is entirely different. By being completely independent, we obtain rates from up to six different service providers from the wholesale energy market on an agreed date. Our clients are therefore guaranteed to get the best available market price based on their supply type. Because we get a commission from the service provider after a contract has been agreed, there is no additional cost to our clients. What they see on the quote is what they pay. One hundred per cent of the savings go to our clients, and the savings can be substantial. Typically, Ellis Partnership’s clients will save up to 20% on their energy bills and up to 50% on their telephone costs.

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