Q1. How much do you charge to provide your utility review service?
A1. There is no charge to the client because we get a commission from their chosen service provider.

Q2. Does this arrangement compromise your impartiality?
A2. Absolutely not. Our objective is to get the best deal for our clients, regardless of the service provider.

Q3. Do you only work with commercial organizations?
A3. We normally work with small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) but are equally happy to provide the same service to residential clients and small businesses operating from home.

Q4. How long does it take to change providers?
A4. Normally between four and eight weeks

Q5. How much can we save?
A5. Typically 10 – 20% for energy and up to 50% for telephony services

Q6. Do you only work with clients in the Perth area?
A6. Most of our clients are in Tayside, Fife and Angus but we have clients throughout the UK.

Q7. How can I contact you?
A7. By email on [email protected] , on 01738 444970, or through the enquiry form.

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