Welcome to your new home and your outrageous new utility bills.

Moving house is generally a stressful and expensive experience. You will likely be surrounded by cardboard boxes and will not be able to find the kettle. A favourite heirloom will have been broken and the kids will fight about who gets which bedroom. In the midst of all this chaos, you are unlikely to be thinking about who supplies your gas and electricity. However, it is important you turn your mind to the matter as soon as you can.

When you move into a new property, it is highly likely that you will be on a deemed tariff. This means that you will be paying up to 25% more than the cheapest tariffs available.

For a typical three-bedroom house, utilities cost an average of £1400 a year, yet homeowners collectively and unnecessarily spend £70 million paying these inflated deemed tariff rates.

By working with us to deal with your energy suppliers as soon as possible after a move you might be able to save in the region of £100–£250/year on gas and electricity. We find that discounts for our domestic clients are in the region of 10% to 20% of their current energy bills, depending on the tariff, annual spend and number of sites.

We also offer excellent discounts on domestic energy tariffs where there is business use, such as in the case of B&Bs, holiday cottages and chalets.

For residential clients, EPL are proud to work in partnership with The Utility Warehouse, an organisation that has received several commendations from Which? as best energy and best broadband provider.

The Ellis Partnership can arrange for domestic clients to enjoy gas and electricity GUARANTEED to be at the lowest cost in the UK, so why not call us on 01738 444970 to arrange your free, no-obligation review.

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