Energy Consultancy

Put simply, there are two main ways EPL can help you save money on your utility bills. The first is to pay less per unit of energy after a free review of your current arrangements. The second is to use fewer units of cheaper energy across your entire business.

To enable you to achieve this second level of savings, EPL offers a full energy consultancy service to help you reduce your power consumption. Energy efficiency measures generally require a fairly detailed survey of premises and processes over a few days. Consequently, we need to charge a modest fee for these services. However, our fees are discussed and agreed in advance so our clients can always be in control of their costs.

As a general guide, the energy consultancy process begins with an on-site meeting to determine the nature, scope and duration of the work required. After this initial contact, consultants from EPL will construct a detailed proposal covering plant and processes, staff, timeframes and costs. All subsequent projects will be detailed and include the potential return on investment (ROI).

As part of our report we will provide prices for gas and electricity from up to six selected service providers, enabling our clients to make their own choice of energy supplier. We can also advise you on moving to alternative, green forms of energy such as solar or wind power should you wish.

The price of energy will continue to rise, so we recommend that businesses should enter into longer-term contracts at today's prices to control their future costs. For more information and advice, download our FREE Energy Cost Reduction Report now.