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Is your business in control of its energy costs? Most aren’t.

We have seen businesses paying in the region of 30p/unit when the true market rates were in the region of 7 – 8p/unit. Are you paying too much for your power too?

At EPL we receive many requests from companies seeking to reduce their gas and/or electricity costs. Unfortunately, we are often unable to do anything immediately except get better terms for them from their existing service provider.

The reason for their limited options is that many businesses are unaware of the need to give their existing service notice of termination (normally up to 90 days) to prevent an existing contract automatically rolling over (normally for another year but sometimes for two) at whatever rate their service provider deems suitable.

By not giving their current provider notice, they have effectively restricted their options in seeking market rates. Their oversight results in the needless addition of several thousand pounds to their annual costs.

So, is your organisation in control? Do you know when your energy contracts end? Are you aware of the termination notice conditions in the small print of your contract?

Even if you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s never too late to contact EPL to review your arrangements. Here are just a few of the companies we have helped to save thousands of pounds:

A fruit farm in Angus had allowed their contract to roll over and was paying 21p/unit for electricity. We arranged a new contract from them on 11p/unit, saving them £20,000 a year. We also discovered the farm was on the wrong tariff. EPL made arrangements for a meter and tariff change to save them further £3,000 a year.

A garage in Perthshire was paying 22p/unit for electricity until we arranged new contract at 11p/unit. We saved the garage £15,000 per year.

A manufacturing unit in Dundee had allowed its gas contract to roll over and was paying £20,000 per month. Our new contract cut the spend to £10,000 a month, saving an incredible £120,000 a year.

A fruit and vegetable farm in Fife was paying around £40,000 a year to irrigate its crops. After working with EPL, its spend was slashed by 25%, to £30,000 per year.

An estate near Oxford had 24 properties, all on individual contracts and costing around £50,000 a year. Their new contract consolidated all the properties into one contract, saving them £10,000 a year.

If we can help these firms, we can help yours. Call the Ellis Partnership on 01738 444970 for a no-obligation discussion of how we can reduce the cost of your utilities.