Telecommunication and IT systems and services are invaluable business tools. Contact us for no-nonsense, hassle-free advice on getting the best from them – they don’t have to be complicated and expensive to be effective.

We can advise you on:

• Choosing the best systems and services for your business
• Using your communications services as marketing tools
• Replacing or upgrading your systems or services
• Developing current and future strategies
• Maximising the ROI on your systems and services
• Managing projects more efficiently and effectively
• Increasing business profitability
• Minimising the cost of your services
• Using your systems and services for business growth
• Merging systems, services and customer relationships
• Implementing voice over internet protocol (VOIP), virtual networks, fax to e-mail, broadband, dial-up and other home-working and IT solutions
• Launching non-geographic numbers (0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871) to grow your business

The Ellis Partnership uses only carefully selected service providers, chosen mainly on the basis of commitment to customer care, range of services and costs. Indeed, our clients have found they have made significant savings with our telecommunications packages. Our current offers include:

• Local/national call rates from less than 1p/minute with calls to mobiles from under 8p/minute, depending on overall call spend
• Free mobile phones with free connection and calls from 5p/minute
• BT line rentals at up to a 15% discount
• Cheaper internet services including dial up, ISDN, ADSL and leased lines
• Affordable fax to email solutions

Contact the Ellis Partnership today to find out how to make the latest technology work for you – at a price you can afford.