The Utility Warehouse

Have you ever noticed that when there is a change in the cost of energy, the big suppliers seem to be incredibly quick to put their prices up but terribly slow to pass on any reductions?
Or that when you move to a different supplier because their prices are cheaper, your original supplier moves their prices too?
For peace of mind, we recommend that our residential clients move to the award-winning Utility Warehouse for all their household utilities. It’s easy to switch and you will receive the same gas and electricity through the same pipes and meters with no interruption to your supply.

The Utility Warehouse offers a unique Triple Value Guarantee and requires no minimum term contract. They guarantee that:

* for gas, their prices will always be cheaper than British Gas, no matter where you live in the UK

* for electricity, their prices will always be cheaper than what your regional supplier charges

* their prices will always remain competitive against the cheapest standard tariffs available from the ‘Big Six’ major energy companies who together supply over 98% of UK Households (British Gas, Powergen, npower, EDF [London Electricity, Seeboard and SWEB], Scottish Power and Scottish & Southern Energy).

To keep their prices competitive, the Utility Warehouse compares them every month against British Gas, regional electricity suppliers and the average of the cheapest direct debit tariffs available from each of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers on a like-for-like basis. If necessary, The Utility Warehouse adjusts their prices regularly in line with their unique Triple Value Guarantee.

After moving to The Utility Warehouse there will be no need to continue to scan price comparison websites to see who has the cheapest deal. Trusting your utilities to them ensures you always receive excellent value. All Utility Warehouse services are fully itemised on one monthly bill with one monthly direct debit payment for all your utilities.

So, if you are fed up with changing suppliers every few months and are looking for guaranteed long-term value, join the more than 250,000 other households throughout the UK who benefit from the huge savings The Utility Warehouse can provide. Once you’ve transferred your energy supply contracts to The Utility Warehouse you can relax, confident in the knowledge you will always be receiving a really great deal.